Farming Implements Supplier, From Ground Engaging To Harvesting


  • Three point mounted machine
  • Inclined beater housing for gravitational grain conveyance
  • Adjustable beater clearances to suit grain material conditions
  • Two step belt drive transmission
  • Wheel track straddles over 2000mm
  • Productivity (T/HR) = 5
  • Two step belt drive transmission
  • Highly productive with output of up to 5t/hr for maize
  • Different screen sizes to suit culture grain size
  • No fast wearing parts
  • GT 5000 Model
  • 400 R.P.M Maximum input speed
  • 20+ HP


  • Robust angle iron frame with replaceable wear plates
  • Fully trained implement for stability
  • Axyle extensions to suit row widths
  • Hydraulic lift in and out of work
  • Hydraulic blade depth control
  • Adjustable conveyor angle for cleaner crop
  • Two stage, two speed chain link cleaning system
  • Individually replaceable chain link
  • Belt drive to avoid chain damage
  • Multiple staggered agitators for efficient crop cleaning

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