Founded in February 2016, Bain Agri is a division that carries out contract farming projects on rented farms. Currently the division is growing 16000 tonnes of tomatoes for Best Fruit Processors (BFP), to be supplied from May to December 2016.

The concept of Bain Agri is to create a business focused on agricultural production and processing. The key areas would revolve around the following production:
  • Large and small grain cereal and legume crops on an irrigated intensive cropping regime.
  • Horticulture under intensive high production systems.
  • Large scale beef and other animal production.
  • Large-scale dairy production.
  • Intensive high value export crops including flower production.
  • These commodities would then be value added as follows:
  • Milling of the cereal crops to produce ready for market commodities such as Maize Meal and flour with the by-product of animal feeds.
  • Expressing of oil seed crops such as Soya and Ground Nuts for cooking oil and the byproduct of animal feeds.
  • Animal slaughtering and processing plants for meat production.
  • Milk pasteurization and dehydration to produce UHT type milk.
  • Production of related dairy industry commodities such as butter, yoghurt, cheese and ice cream.
  • In order to achieve this with efficiency there lies a large strategic advantage for Bain to supply the needed agricultural machinery.

    In addition Bain Agri will require sound and experienced agricultural and production management well versed in the local production conditions and environment and familiar with recent technology.

    The correct financing of Bain Agri will be critical in order to make the human and mechanical resources of the business reach its potential production levels with the greatest efficiency and up to date technology including advanced farming systems using real time kinetics to fully utilize available land for production at maximum efficiency levels.

    Bain Agri would then be ideally suited to produce and contract supply to reliable markets thus creating an investment opportunity within the Agri Business sector with reliable and significant returns.

    The Division provides you with the New Holland Brand of tractors, from the smallest h.p to the largest you require on your farm. Bain also manufacturers and supplies a wide variety of farming implements, from ground engaging to harvesting.


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